Facebook and Skype merge, time to get mobile

Mrs Mario

Integration. There is integration everywhere and today it was announced that Skype and Facebook were integrating so that you could call and video chat with friends and family while on the site. Awesome news for many, I think.

There has also never been a better time to invest in a notebook that’s going to give you all the functionality you need to take advantage of things like this. However, it’s always about budget so how about I give you two choices.

The first is the high-end version. The notebook of delicious wondrousness that is the NX90. This notebook has received awards like the 2010 CeBit Award for Innovation, and it boasts a unique collaboration (and integration) with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower. This is a notebook that understands the value of sound.

It will definitely be a charmer when you’re online with far-flung friends and relatives. You’ll be able to hear every whisper with crystal clarity. You can also use it to enjoy Facebook movies and links without having to cringe at the awful sound that usually accompanies a laptop.

I have to admit that I think this is a feature that’s been seriously missing in the notebook world. How often have you shuddered at the sound that’s come out of your notebook? Yeah, me too. Well, if you’re in the market for a new laptop that oozes functionality, looks AND sound, then this here NX90 is your baby.

The other option, for the cost conscious shopper, is to look at something like the new Eee PC 1015PEM. Coming in at a good price and boasting the new Intel dual-core Atom processor, it will handle your socialising needs with aplomb.

While the 1015PEM doesn’t boast the same sound nirvana that the NX90 does, you won’t really need it for those long commutes. No, instead you can whip it in and out of your bag, slot in those earphones, and get started. If you’ve ever been stuck on the train, running hours late for an appointment, then being able to slip onto Facebook and Skype your colleagues is going to make your life a lot easier.

According to the announcement, the new Skype for Windows will have a Facebook tab that you can use to interact with your Facebook feed, and you can call or text Facebook friends directly on their mobile phones and landlines.

I am very excited about this new cross-pollination between Skype and Facebook. I can’t wait to use it. The only problem I have is, can I get both the NX90 and the 1015PEM? Surely I can’t be forced to choose? Please, please don’t make me…

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