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Tech in Style reflects the interests and ideas of the people who’ve come together to make it happen. We’re technologists, media professionals, fashionistas, designers and usability appreciators bent on spreading the word.

And the word is good, because the fusion of technology and style exists to make things better – and Tech in Style is the place to check for the latest on progress. We’ve got an inside look at some of the most advanced technology, both available and bubbling-under. It’s the unfair advantage of being behind the scenes of this exciting business, but we’re not keeping it to ourselves – this is a community and all are welcome.

The concept is pretty simple considering the complexity of what we’re dealing with. While the technology itself is in constant flux, we’re always about solid foundations built on shared discussion of news and products. We like nothing better than to delve into an exploration of trends and appraise them evenly, coherently and from a perspective that’s immediately natural to all those with an interest in technology – be they journalists, industry professionals or end users. With us, exploration doesn’t mean reciting the same old taglines and clichés, we look at actual content and tell it the way it is.

Which is a lot more fun than it may sound, because the stuff that goes through Tech in Style towers is pretty cool, and definitely on the sharper side of cutting edge. Just take a look at some of the features, you’ll see there’s no rest for the tricked out around here. Hands on reviews, tips, videos, a blog brimming with insight – Tech in Style is your portal for in depth coverage and we’d love to have your active participation in this community.

After all, a technology experienced alone is no technology at all.

Enjoy your stay!

About the team


Established in 1998, ASUS Design Center house around 100 designers from around the world with offices in Taiwan, Singapore and China. The team is made up of various units, responsible for areas such as research, material development, mechanical design, industrial design and packaging. Regardless of area of specialty, the design team always work with one thing in mind – to provide great usage experience. All designs are ultimately about putting people first.

Bobby O’Reilly

Less is always more to the mind of techno-minimalist Bobby, whose favourite PC is just a motherboard on a table that’s been tweaked and tuned to perfection over a period of several years. He’s spent the best part of a decade and a half writing about computers and videogames, and has the eyestrain to prove it – you’ll have to pry his glasses from his cold dead ears if you want him to stop though.


If it is beautiful, Chace will like it. In his eyes for everything, there can only be pleasing, not ugly. In fact, we suspect that he may well be a meterosexual narcissist. A self-proclaimed gadgets geek, he enjoys savoring the new tech hardware but never fail to grumble when he cannot afford to buy…most of them. Simplicity is his design philosophy, thus he loves the challenge of bringing all elements together in a perfect harmony, just like the way he wears to work. Oh, by the way, he hates “beautifying” Powerpoint slides.


Gogo Ubari

Gogo has been working in the marketing industry since 2003, and has a deep love for online marketing. She prefers delivering straight-to-the-point messages, and refuses to compromise her principles even when faced with commercial pressures. She aspires to describe technology in simpler terms — through language that everyone understands. She fancies herself a gamer, but close friends will tell you her gaming experience only extends to Zoo Keeper on the Nintendo DS Lite. Her next gadget? The ASUS DR-900 E-Reader, which will sate her book-buying obsession while saving her hundreds of pounds whenever she has to relocate for work.



A former tech journalist with a local daily, Hector is an anomaly in the world of tech writers—he’s a skeptic, preferring to ask “Do we really need another (insert gadget here)?” instead of “I gotta have that new toy.” As a result, he often finds himself owning these gadgets only a year after their release. He wishes things were a whole lot simpler, like they were back in the 60s, even though he wasn’t even born then. Perhaps that explains why he’s dressed like the Fonz.



The lead designer for Tech in Style, Ly has worked in the tech and design industries for the past 7 years. With a keen eye for detail and a discriminating mind, he is often mistaken as a Virgo due to his obsession with perfection. He likes order in all things and is unfailingly neat, clean and precise. Despite having the skills to wow the world with wonderful design, Ly is the most comfortable when no attention is drawn to him. When not hard at work, Ly can be found gaming on his new PS3 slim or snapping away with his Nikon D80 with his favourite 50mm f/1.4D lens.


Mrs. Mario

Mrs.Mario is a freelance journalist who loves to write about anything and everything. She accidentally fell into the cauldron of technology about eight years ago and has been slowly simmering in there ever since. She’s a geek but still has tons to learn about the wonderful world of technology. She also suffers from a rare disease known as “need to game” that demands it’s sufferers play at least one videogame a week. So far, she’s been coping with her ailment admirably.


Nick Holland

Nick Holland – Portability and PC gaming are essential to Nick’s life. He’s enjoyed the latter since a very young age – eschewing consoles for customizability of a PC (with the finest backbones like the Asus P3B-F and A7V133) and the feel of a keyboard and mouse. As soon as he could afford a notebook he got one and things have rolled on from there into sleek DTRs (desktop replacements) netbooks, smartphones and he’s already eyeing up the latest tablets while trying to think up an excuse to own one. After writing about all things tech for several years it is only natural he sought to join the already awesome TiS team.



Having worked in various facets of the computer industry, Postal has a deep understanding of the mindsets of everyone from the software industry to hardware manufacturers and IT support. An avid gamer, he developed his online moniker after many intense hours of LAN gaming in his early college days, when another gamer commented that his domination was akin to “going postal”. He enjoys sunsets, long walks on the beach, and candlelit dinners. Oh, wait….how’d that get in there? He’s a practical joker, making smart-alec comments. Don’t mind him.


Rock Steady

Rock Steady has spent some time in IT, enjoys playing the bass but hardly has the time, and is beginning to really like gadgets. He dreams of setting up a home studio and racing across Asia in a 4×4. Always curious about things, he has a voracious appetite for reading and learning new stuff. Like a frontiers man, rock likes adventure and will usually find a way to get where there is risk and action.


Suds McSoapdish

Thirty years ago, toddler Suds got his first taste of just how enjoyable technology can be when his parents gave him an Atari 2600. He soon picked up on the wonders of the Commodore 64, and the rest is history in the form of a long list of consoles, 80’s home computers and PCs built and assembled with great fervor. Writing and technology gradually moved up from hobbies to professions as Suds became the man he is today, and although he’s worked and traveled the world and experienced many things, technology, especially computing and gaming, has remained a solid constant.

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