The Pad wars continue

November 23rd, 2010 in .Blogs .Pads & Slates .Products
Mrs Mario
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First Apple whipped out the iPad. A device that sparks much debate amidst those of us who haven’t yet decided what we want. It was big and it was pretty, but it didn’t really ooze features unless you were prepared to spend a small fortune. Well, my idea of a small fortune anyway.

Then everybody else started to spit Pad-like devices out into world. Shiny ones, big ones, small ones – there are now so many of these technology slabs about that most people are more than a little confused as to which is best.

I’m going to wait. It’s hard. It’s making me shake like someone who drank too much coffee. But I am going to wait. You see the reason is because I am fussy. I want to have storage options, I don’t like the idea of being told I can only have X amount of storage and sorry for you.

It doesn’t mean I’m going to use all the storage. It’s my inner rebel objecting to being told what to do. Then I want good battery life, I don’t want to have to put it in the fridge because it overheats, I want more than just a big shiny screen that zooms nicely.

I am also somewhat biased. I want to enjoy the features of the Android OS because I like what it represents, I have become firm friends with it as I’ve wrestled with it on my phone, and I want my pad to be an ASUS one.

The 10-inch EP101TC to be exact. It boasts the latest version of Android, it has the Nvidia Tegra 2 purring away underneath and should be able to handle 3D gaming and HD capabilities. Nice. Come on, don’t you think that’s really dishing the goods?

What I am interested in as well, is the belief that these pads will scour away the notebook market and leave it panting in its wake. I’m not entirely sure I believe that. A netbook delivers an entirely different user experience, in my opinion, and I could easily own both, and use them both in very different ways.

My netbook is kept clean for work purposes. It has to do what I want, fast. There are no games or extras on there at all. My Pad, on the other hand, will be for me to zoom about the web on long journeys (of which I take far too many) and spent happy hours beetling about with tech.

What do you think? Pad or netbook? Or are you like me, taking both for different needs?

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