En route to better connections with the DSL-N10

November 21st, 2010 in .News & Events .PC Components .Products
Suds McSoapdish
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En route to better connections with the DSL-N10

As someone who’s recently setup a new home network, something like the just-released DSL-N10 from ASUS would have been useful. I mean, I’m very happy with my current arrangement, but it could have been simpler. It consists of one desktop PC, a laptop, and a games console. I use the ADSL modem the internet provider has supplied, plus a router.

The DSL-N10, as well as a complete range of siblings, offers up the simplification we all crave when dealing with a home network — it’s a full 2-in-1 device, so it’s both an ADSL modem and a wired/wireless router. The DSL-N10 thus cuts out one device, the modem, reducing clutter in your environment.

But it’s not just in streamlining that it stands out. The DSL-N10 uses a 5dBi antenna, which is a wild departure from the 2dBi antennas most similarly-specced wireless routers use. The bigger gain means better coverage, whether at home or at the office — so the signal generated by the DSL-N10 reaches further.

It also supports up to four service set IDs (SSIDs), so you can configure up to four independent networks on this device with their own bandwidth and access management. That’s great if you want a network and most of the bandwidth for yourself and a separate one for guests, let’s say.

The easy, intuitive user interface makes setting all this up quite easy, and the entire process of hooking up a network using the DSL-N10 is a breeze thanks to automatic ISP and device detection. It has been fundamentally designed as a plug and play connection enabler, which and a far cry from the cumbersome and technically awkward routers of yore. Expect to be online in a few simple steps with this one.

The DSL-N10 is also pretty compact and power-efficient, so it’ll easily fit in any location. If you’re looking for a router, do yourself a favor and look into this nifty device!

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