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There is something that’s always bewildered me – bad sound on laptops. Have you noticed how awful it can be? I’ve own laptops that can compute their way around the sun and back, that can play every single music video/DVD/Blu-ray on the planet, but can I listen to music or enjoy their sound? Not a chance.

It is SUCH a common problem that I’m bewildered by the fact that nobody seems to have done anything about it. Why do we have to fork out a lot of money for a styling machine only to have to fork out even more money to get a sound system so you can actually use the features on your styling machine? I know it has been the way of the world so far but it needs to change.

Interestingly, What Hi-Fi have noticed one laptop that has taken the sound issue by the ears and shaken it about – the NX90. This ASUS monster is extremely pretty to look at, it appeals to my inner girl, but it also happens to boast sound features courtesy of Bang & Olufsen’s ICEpower and ASUS’ SonicMaster technology.

I know, I know, I am blogging on the ASUS blog about an ASUS product, but I challenge you to find a laptop that offers sound equal to this.

AND I am not alone in being impressed by the NX90. Pocket-lint has said that “if you’re after a machine that offers you a bit of elegance and stands out from all the other laptops available, but doesn’t compromise on substance where it matters most, i.e. the hardware on board, then the NX90 could be right up your street.”

CCL called it a “multimedia work of art”.

The NX90 was designed by none other than Bang & Olufsen’s designer, David Lewis, and he described his inspiration as being “a machine that offers visual joy and that challenged the way people regarded notebooks.”

The NX90 basically says, “don’t worry about buying a speaker system so you can listen to music on me. Don’t feel obliged to switch to your PC or sound system for quality sound. Just use me for everything.”

It combines hardware and software to deliver sound quality. You get powerful amplifier circuitry, professional grade audio processing and high-quality speakers with capacious resonance chambers.  You’ll find features like these on top-level hi-fi equipment but never on a laptop!

The NX90 isn’t just about listening to music or watching movies though, you can enjoy its superior tech to do your usual business computations (while listening to music, of course) and its ability to improve low volume levels means that it will, literally, transform your Skype conversations. If nothing else you’ll be saying, “Pardon?” a lot less in a Skype conference call.

This musical marvel is on shelves now in the UK and so far all the reviews are saying good things. It’s coming up tops in sound and performance, and it looks awesome to boot. It isn’t cheap, but it is far cheaper than a sound system, a TV, a desktop PC and super speakers…

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