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A question that has been on my mind for the past few months is  – has Windows 7 improved Microsoft’s street cred? Far from the bloated drama of Windows Vista, 7 has unleashed speedier working and some critically acclaimed features that have had many haters stop and take note. But is this enough to take Microsoft’s bedraggled reputation out the kicking zone? I am beginning to think the answer is yes…

Sure, they’ve made some mistakes in the past and there are plenty of fiddly issues with their systems that show the workings of a faintly deranged mind, but I’ve found that my years of working with Microsoft products have given me the kind of technical bushcraft that only surviving in tough software conditions can deliver. 

While Microsoft is unlikely to ever achieve the casual cool chic of Open Source, perhaps it will escape the image of the snotty kid counting his coins in the corner. Certainly the benefits of the streamlined OS and its features has been noted in the news lately.

A recent survey released by Janco Associates shows how well Windows 7 is doing in today’s OS heavy marketplace. Windows 7 has definitely caught on far better than Vista ever did and is holding at 14.8% of the OS market in less than seven months.  The survey also showed that there are more users of Windows 7 than there are of Vista – not a huge surprise when you consider how unpopular the latter was.

Then, to add another string to Windows 7’s bow, is the news that Windows 7 is a lot less power hungry than the latest release of the ever popular Ubuntu 10.04. The technical gurus over at Phororix  have done some tests that pitted Windows 7 against Ubuntu 10.04 on two different systems – the ASUS Eee PC 1201N and a Lenovo ThinkPad T61.

On the generally fairly hungry Eee PC, Ubuntu used around 56% more power than Windows 7 Pro, while on the thinkpad, the difference dropped to around 14%. These results do indicate that your choice of operating system will affect how often you’re going to need to be near a power source.

Obviously this has nothing to do with overall operating system performance and functionality, this is merely a test on power consumption, but it does put Windows 7 into a much nicer spotlight than Windows Vista ever experienced.

Certainly manufactures are responding accordingly. ASUS have announced the launch of a Wintel tablet PC that will boast a 10” ultra-thin and light design powered by an Intel Atom and Windows 7. It will sit alongside its Android cousing (sister?) at Computex in early June so it will be interesting to see how well it works then. Not only that, but the ASUS answer to the iPad is going to boast both a Windows platform and a Google platform making these tablets extremely accessible to the masses.

Overall I think that Windows 7 is going to carry on being integrated into mobile, and desktop, devices and implementations. It seems to be defying the stigma of Microsoft madness and tackling previous issues with aplomb. Now we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

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  • Spartan2276

    Sounds to me like a paid article for windows 7(from Microsoft), listen you run the OS for a good 7 months to a year after installing all types of software and browsing the web. Then come back and give us a review. Windows sucks period; be it 7, vista, XP or the upcoming 8.

    The technical gurus at Phoronix conducting a test based on gaming(not a fair test). Ubuntu is not for gaming although you could if you wanted to. Ubuntu in for productivity, for the web and everything else you can think of other than gaming why? Because Nvidia or ATI have never release the same drivers as they have for windows. so if the drivers suck then no wonder windows 7 would come out on top(you forgot to mention that in your article). As far as the power test goes that is totally bogus.

    The other part you mentioned about mobile devices you windows has not a chance in the world to make a dent in to this market simply because iPhone and Android have it corner. In fact Android will soon over take the iPhone. Windows 7 is still too bloated for any kind of mobile, tablet or netbooks, but your probably not tech savvy enough to understand that.

    The sad part about it is must of you stupid consumers out there let these companies screw you hard. How in the world can a company launch an OS called vista and then give you the same OS (7) and still charge you full price. I swear consumers deserve to be taken advantage of. Then you have a piece like this pretty much telling you to go out and buy it. And that is ok to spend your hard earn cash on an OS which should have been done right the first time, not that Windows 7 is any better OK OK maybe slightly better than vista. If your sick of paying for garbage get a MAC or Download Ubuntu for FREE!

  • Spartan2276

    Oh yeah here is that download link which I forgot to include, so don’t be affraid to take it for a spin since you can run it from the CD or USB stick before you install it.

  • Antonio

    I agree with Spartan2276 almost on everything, although for me it would me enough that the people interested in productivity could get notebook or a desktop without Windows OS, and later install whatever they want (Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora, etc.)…

    Instead because of this consuming society, people like us, who need a computer to work, are FORCED to pay the Microsoft tax, just because in the world there is mass of ignorant who, when buying a computer, accept everything in order to be able to watch a clip on youTube or play some stupid game, etc….


  • Mrs Mario

    I can assure yu Spartan2276 that this wasn’t paid for but I must say that while I agree with you on many points you raised, I really do enjoy Windows 7. Personally I love it. Now I’ve used tons of different OS throughout my life and have favourites for all stages and Windows 7 is mine at the moment. Sure, it has its issues, but then all of them do. I’m not sure it’s fair to say I’m not tech savvy or that I’m stupid. Windows may not be your personal choice but the point of the article was to say that it isn’t as bad as it used to be, not that it’s some kind of miracle cure. It’s all about choice at the end of the day and, as a savvy consumer, I have chosen Ubuntu for my netbook and Windows 7 for my PC.

  • Nick

    Spartan you are clearly invested in Linux, which is great, but you also evidently haven’t used Windows 7.

    The usual anti-Microsoft rhetoric and unbalanced argument does nothing to help your case. XP is still the most widely used OS out there and Windows 7 is also the fastest selling OS ever. Microsoft has to support millions of iterations of hardware setups and drivers from people it cannot control, plus constant attacks from people looking to exploit its large install base.

    Linux has its advantages without doubt, but quite frankly I enjoy not having to install drivers via the command line (I have used Ubuntu versions 7-10 FYI) and generally faf about to get everything working. For the large part Windows 7 just works with anything I throw at it, and I write about and review PC hardware for a living. It has some considerable advantages over other OS: like DirectX for one, because many, many people enjoy PC gaming. It’s not a tax, it’s a service, and this time around it’s a good one.

  • Timo

    To say that Ubuntu beats Windows in therms of productivity is a joke! I’ve played quite a lot with various Linux distros in the last 5-6 years and have not seen a single one that works out of the box. The average setup time ( including all necesery configs) ranges from a week to several months even for the newest Ubuntu distros (depending from the skills of the user and the amount of forums and HOW-TOs he has to read).
    I have a frend who is a typical Linux pseudo-geek. I gave him a simple audio cd once and told him to play it on his PC. He struggled for an hour and could not paly it. It was a fu*king audio cd and Ubunto could not play it!

    P.S. Sorry for the submitted unfinished post.

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