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Learning how people store things differently Read »

Posted February 28th, 2011 in .Inspired .Trends

In fixing my uncle’s computer, I started to think about how different people store their things.

Thunderbolts of LightPeak, very-very enlightening! Read »

Posted February 25th, 2011 in .Desired .Inspired .Trends

With this new high-speed connection, should ASUS bring back the XG Station for its laptops?

Inspirational Research for Immersive Space: A video of the future Read »

Posted January 5th, 2011 in .Inspired .What's Next

ASUS’ Design Center has created an eye-opening and revolutionary vision of the future.

Video interview with ASUS Design Center about it latest IRIS Project Read »

Posted January 4th, 2011 in .Behind the Scenes .Inspired .News

Hunter Luo, Senior Engineer at ASUS’ Design Centre talks about what the future holds for technology.

Technology trends and hot spots Read »

Posted November 25th, 2010 in .Blogs .Desired .Products .Tech .Trends

The word “face” may soon be trademarked, the U36 is compared to the MacBook Air, and Rampage is unleashed again is a tech playground for ASUS and Intel fans Read »

Posted November 22nd, 2010 in .Inspired .Trends

Got a point to add about a product? WePC wants to gather the collective knowledge of the crowd.

Sneak Peek: ASUS Eee PC 1015T with AMD Nile platform Read »

Posted October 24th, 2010 in .Desired .Laptops & Netbooks .Products .Trends

Something different, Sir? Catch a few shots of the new ASUS 10.1″ ultra portable netbook with AMD’s latest hardware inside.

The music lover’s choice, the NX90 Read »


The ASUS NX90 is the first laptop to deliver unbeatable quality sound

ASUS ENGTS450 TOP Gaming Performance Results Read »

Posted September 13th, 2010 in .Components .Desired .Products .Trends

We put ASUS’ latest ENGTS450 TOP DirectCU through a few tests to see how much extra performance being TOP’d up gets you.

ASUS release first dual-core N550 netbook in the world Read »

Posted August 24th, 2010 in .Inspired .Laptops & Netbooks .News .Trends

ASUS are the first in the world to launch a netbook boasting Intel’s N550 dual-core Atom processor. Say hello to the ASUS Eee PC 1015PEM. You’ll soon be fast friends.