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This has been an extremely interesting week in the technology sphere with ASUS throwing more morsels our way regarding their e-reader, and launching the Rampage III Extreme. However, to start things off today I thought I just had to mention the fact that apparently Facebook may well be trademarking the word “face”.

Is it just me or is this both hilarious and terrifying? On one hand you’ve got a word that’s been used for hundreds of years suddenly becoming only usable by Facebook in certain online situations – a faintly worrying development.

On the other hand, why bother? It seems a bit like overkill and I, for one, am going to be watching the wires on this. What are your thoughts?

Another item that dominated the news this week was ASUS’ very own e-book reader. There are a whack of headlines talking about how this device combines a notepad with an e-reader and how versatile it is.

This e-reader is 11mm thick, weighs in at a hefty (only kidding) 520grams and has an 8” 768×1024 grayscale display. You also get a stylus for note-taking, a 2MB built-in camera, and lots of connectivity options, and compatibility options.

This is a pretty cool all rounder and it is likely to pose some serious competition to Kindle and Sony. I will definitely be taking a hands on look at this and comparing it to other devices on the market. While I’ve always vehemently opposed e-readers, now that I’ve started using and testing them, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with them.

I won’t ever give up my books, of course, but it is nice to carry about 40 odd books in one hand without needing a lorry.

Now that USB 3.0 and SATA6 are becoming increasingly commonplace, with more and more people taking them on board, the latest RoG motherboard is arriving at a great time. The Rampage III Extreme is a high-end monster, just for you hardcore fans out there, and oozes the kind of features that overclockers have dreams about.

If you haven’t had a chance to read up on all its features, then go here now and start doing so immediately. This could very well be something tasty to pop on your Christmas list if you are so inclined.

Finally, there was the arrival of the U36 on the scene that has had several online publications compare it to the MacBook Air. Slim and beautiful, this notebook has a magnesium allow body and only measures 0.75inches at the thickest point.

There is still no availability and pricing info for the e-reader or U36 but, trust me, I’ll keep you posted.

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