What technology do you need to have?

November 3rd, 2010 in .Blogs .Tech
Mrs Mario

What do you look for in your technology? Do you want a device that’s small and light with email and basic online functionality? Or are you a desktop replacement kind of gal who wants the very best in graphical performance? Have you even defined what technology you need?

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself more and more over the past few weeks. Thousands of products are appearing on the market every year, all of them offering features and extras that make me jump around with a little joy. So, how do you decide which products you really, really need?

I’m not particularly sure I have an answer to this question. I have a netbook. A little Eee PC that fits nicely into my bag when I have to travel to London or visit family. It lets me work for a bit, hooks up to the internet without excessive strain, and doesn’t result in one overly developed bicep because it’s too heavy.

Do I need it? Well, I survived without one before I bought it but I am not entirely sure I can survive without it now. So yes, I need that.

Then I have a smartphone. I don’t have the delicious Garmin-ASUS phone. I wish I did. Sadly, my phone was bought long before the Garmin-ASUS ambled seductively onto the scene. Now, I hate my phone because it just doesn’t work properly and crashes every ten minutes. It’s a bit like a petulant teen. Which is why the next thing on my list of Need To Have is the Garmin-ASUS.

Look, I also happen to get lost a lot so this phone is really not so much a necessity as a genuine tool for basic survival. You have no idea how many lost and afraid phone calls my poor husband gets as I stand in the bowels of London with no clue on where to go.

I also have a desktop PC that’s packed with lots of lovely new components. Components are my little secret. Some women buy lingerie, others buy shoes; I get memory, motherboards and graphics cards.

The thing is, I was mostly inspired to ask myself the question of what I need by the fact that there are some products coming out that I would quite happily beg for. Drop down on my knees and beg for unashamedly. ASUS have popped some items into the line that literally make me slobber onto my keyboard with joy.

What are these items? Well, what about the Eee Note? Tell me that isn’t THE most delicious slice of technology you’ve ever seen? I’ll have cream and strawberries with that, thank you. Or perhaps it’s extremely sexy cousin, the DR900? Now THAT is an eReader to sit up and beg for.

Hey, I’ll even do tricks…

So, what’s your current Need To Have? What calls to you and demands that you buy it immediately?

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