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SSD – System Cache Set Up Guide Read »

Posted January 23rd, 2012 in .How To Guides .PC Components .Products .Uncategorized

SSD Smart Response Technology is simply using a small SSD drive for your system cache while still having all your main files on a traditional mechanical hard drive. What that means is you get the best of both worlds. Speed and capacity.

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ASUS X79 motherboards: memory overclocking demo Read »

ASUS mobos one more prove their mettle as great overclockers

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Crosshair V Formula + AMD FX CPU Overclocking guide Read »

Bulldozer is here! Time to over-clock AMD’s latest offering. A 100% working method to over-clock your new Bulldozer system.


Guide to Installing Win7 on your SSD – part 1 The basics Read »

Posted September 13th, 2011 in .How To Guides .PC Components

Win 7 install when using a SSD as the primary OS drive. With the price of Solid-state Drives dropping to a more reasonable level than ever before, the huge gains in performance by having your operating system and programs installed on a SSD are nothing short of must have. Windows 7 has native support for Trim, [...]


Operating System Install Check List Read »

Posted August 31st, 2011 in .How To Guides .PC Components

There are few things more exciting than opening up a box in expectation of what joy lurks inside. New motherboards and other shiny cool stuff like that are really high on my list of joy in a box. Yeah I am a geek. But let me tell you geeks can have fun; a whole heap [...]


10 Causes of ADSL Connectivity Dropping Out Read »

Posted August 24th, 2011 in .How To Guides

ADSL keeps dropping out? Find out why.

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How to set up Windows Live Family Safety Read »

Posted July 14th, 2011 in .Family Tech .How To Guides

A swift tutorial to help you set up Windows Live Family Safety


How to use Parental Controls in Windows Media Center and Player Read »

How to set up parental controls in Windows Media Player 7 and Windows Media Center.

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Set up Parental Controls using Windows 7 Read »

How to set up the Parental Controls built into Windows 7


Lock Android Marketplace Read »

Fix a naughty hole in Android Marketplace’s security

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Working with images on the Eee Pad Transformer Read »

How to access and use the digital camera on the Eee Pad Transformer, and share those images with Picasa

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How to set up Picasa for your Eee Pad Transformer Read »

Install Picasa on your PC and open up a new way of interacting with your memories and your Eee Pad Transformer

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