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October 31st, 2010 in .Blogs .Green Tech
Mrs Mario
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As the world starts to pay more attention to how technology can be managed more effectively on a power consumption and “green” level, it’s nice to see that ASUS are ahead of the pack. I recently ambled through ASUS’ website looking for a replacement monitor and what I found instead was a range of products that oozed green credentials.

I have found it quite difficult to reconcile my inner eco-warrior with my inner geek lately. Gadgets and gizmos that suck up power, shoot out C02 and stretch my carbon footprint into the stratosphere are definitely not things I can allow myself to own.

And yet, I adore these gadgets and gizmos and all the wonderful things they can do. So what does the eco-friendly geek do? How do we get to play around with awesome technology without crushing the planet at the same time?

Well, we shop around for items that deliver fantabulous green credentials and also ooze functionality and style. Like ASUS. Sorry, but it’s true. I have found it very easy to uncover ASUS’ Green philosophy with a simple Google search – that shows passion for the world, that does.

One of the first slices of forest-friendly tech I uncovered was the Green Series LCD monitor. It offers 34% power saving over standard monitors which will also save on your energy bill. Nice. Oh, but wait, there’s more. These green monitors do more than save energy, they were also the first wireless monitors on the market. 

The ASUS N51V also received the Taiwan Carbon Label and was the first notebook in the world to receive the Environmental Product Declaration and carbon footprint certificates. This is all part of their strategy to mitigate climate change and a “no-regret” policy. Impressive, yes?

ASUS have also created a strategy known as the 4 Green Home Runs as part of their promise to be green. It breaks down into four distinct categories – Green Design, Green Manufacturing, Green Procurement and Green Service and Marketing. It’s all about ensuring that products fit in with recommendations for a greener process across the board.

I’ve already extolled the virtues of the Bamboo series of notebooks – they are truly beautiful – and how incredibly well kitted out they are, as well as eco fabulous. So yes, if you want to make a difference when you buy your technology, then hunt down the green products and companies that deliver on their green philosophies. It’s the best way for us to make a difference without starving our inner geeks…

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