About Us

Tech in Style reflects the interests and ideas of the people who’ve come together to make it happen. We’re technologists, media professionals, fashionistas, designers and usability appreciators bent on spreading the word.

And the word is good, because the fusion of technology and style exists to make things better – and Tech in Style is the place to check for the latest on progress. We’ve got an inside look at some of the most advanced technology, both available and bubbling-under. It’s the unfair advantage of being behind the scenes of this exciting business, but we’re not keeping it to ourselves – this is a community and all are welcome.

The concept is pretty simple considering the complexity of what we’re dealing with. While the technology itself is in constant flux, we’re always about solid foundations built on shared discussion of news and products. We like nothing better than to delve into an exploration of trends and appraise them evenly, coherently and from a perspective that’s immediately natural to all those with an interest in technology – be they journalists, industry professionals or end users. With us, exploration doesn’t mean reciting the same old taglines and clichés, we look at actual content and tell it the way it is.

Which is a lot more fun than it may sound, because the stuff that goes through Tech in Style towers is pretty cool, and definitely on the sharper side of cutting edge. Just take a look at some of the features, you’ll see there’s no rest for the tricked out around here. Hands on reviews, tips, videos, a blog brimming with insight – Tech in Style is your portal for in depth coverage and we’d love to have your active participation in this community.

After all, a technology experienced alone is no technology at all.

Enjoy your stay!