What don’t fashion mags advise on fashionable gadgets?

July 11th, 2010 in .Blogs
Nick Holland
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My girlfriend gets her fashion mags (no, seriously, it’s not “girlfriend”) and they have page after page of editorials and adverts about perfumes, clothes, facial purifiers, toners, cleansers, seasons colours, food and places to go, but no gadgets. No phones, no laptops, no tablets, yet, I can’t think of any of my female friends that don’t already own a laptop and certainly all of them own a mobile phone and never leave the house without it. My girlfriend’s is a pink Sony Ericsson – yes, pink – but she spends more time on my HTC looking at things like Cath Kidston and French Sole before leaving the last webpage read on… Cartier. Yes, I got the hint, hun.

Her Eee PC is even an S101 – ASUS’ first stylish netbook with the silvered edges and gentle sparkles on a brown lid. You see, of my sample of one, women clearly do like a break from the black, white or silver norm of electronics.

Obviously Apple scores highly on the fashion factor – iPhones, iPads and Macbooks are all great bits of kit and a known gadget factor, but when has being fashion ever been about having exactly what your friends have? Surely if you turn up to a party wearing the same dress that’s a fashion faux? People go to great lengths for personalisation and differentiation within the boundaries of the season – so why settle for the common denominator in personal electronics?

The fact is, there are other exquisite products available – not everything else is clad in plastic – but no fashion magazine dares delve into the realm of fashion hardware. They may exhibit and discuss the latest elegant watches, but again it’s a known factor – as a functional object it only tells the time and sometimes day.

Where are the examples of elegance in the NX90′s stainless steel, or the alternative feel of Bamboo? And what about the Karim Rasheed’s of the laptop world?

Then again, I don’t pretend to know what the hell is going on in the fashion world. I mean just look at my hair! Am I supposed to be finding a blue shirt to go with my eyes and are sandles in yet?

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  • All_Day_SCI-fi

    Sure, the iPad is fashionable. It doesn’t have a USB port which is so ridiculous it isn’t even funny. How many thousands of devices can’t be connected because of that? Like folding keyboards.

    My 4 year old Archos PMA400 has USB ports. So Apple did that deliberately.

    Very fashionable! Give me an APad! LOL

  • http://techinstyle.tv Nick

    Apple don’t want to give you a USB port because they don’t want to make it compatible with USB devices it doesn’t sell. It’s an entirely enclosed product, albeit a sexy one.

  • http://apocalypseknits.blogspot.com Helen Shine

    Why don’t fashion mags advise on fashionable gadgets? Because they are vapid dross which contain no useful information except how to increase your self-loathing. Next?