The Transformer meets Battle Royale With Cheese!

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Alton from
BRWC has been sent a ASUS Eee Pad Transformer to play about with, and blog the findings and results…
We’ll tell you all about it, and if we liked it or not in the next couple of weeks or so.
Basically, it’s a little netbook with the screen being able to detach itself from the keyboard and be used as a 10 inch touchscreen tablet.
Here’s some bumpf -

  • 10.1-inch WSVGA IPS capacitive pressure-sensing multi touch display for brilliant HD entertainment and intuitive navigation
  • Lightweight and made with ultra-tough glass for easy portability and robust durability
  • Powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor for best Web experience with upto two times faster browsing, hardware accelerated Flash, and console quality gaming
  • Front (1.2 MP) and rear (5 MP) cameras for face-to-face video chats and on-the-go video and picture capturing
  • Mini HDMI port to supersize your entertainment to compatible HDTVs and external displays
Amazing eh?
I haven’t had much time with the Eee Pad as of yet, but I have found that the build quality is excellent.  It feels real solid in the hand.  It looks pretty good as the netook, with the detachable keyboard, a clever touch I think.
The screen is pretty good to be fair.  Now I haven’t owned any of these tablet slate things before, so I have nothing to compare it with, but the quality is there to see.  Nice size – 10 inches and the resolution is in HD.  Perfect for films.  I managed to watch a few clips from its’ YouTube App and it was really nice.
I did have trouble connecting to my WiFi mind you – it took ten attempts….!
I’m gonna stick some apps on there later, so we’ll see what it can do!
Like a dodgy cigarette, this little badboy is going to be passed around some of the BRWC team to see what they think.  Of course, you’ll be the first to know.

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  • Arthur Hale

    Interesting. How thick is the tablet part itself? Is it overly heavy?

  • Lili Bartley

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but is it like a laptop and iPad in one? So you can use it as a laptop but then then take the screen off and ‘go’? Does the screen have its own battery life? ie could you take it out with you…?

  • Anonymous

    @Lilli – broadly speaking it is like a laptop (netbook) and tablet in one; It runs the Android operating system compared to the iPad’s iOS. So yes you can use the screen (tablet) part completely independently, with typing through the on-screen touch keyboard. The physical keyboard dock contains an additional battery which will also charge the tablet when docked. As well as that, there are a number of additional ports such as a full size SD card slot (the tablet itself has a separate micro SD card slot) and USB ports; the former for additional storage or transfer of media such as pictures, music and video and the latter for external devices (portable hard drives or USB flash drives for example). The screen (tablet) itself also has some external connectivity such as a mini hdmi connection for mirroring of the display to a television. You can do this on the iPad, but it requires an additional cost and proprietary adapter.

    @Arthur, the tablet is roughly 13mm thick and weighs 680g. So not overly heavy but obviously heavier/thicker than say the iPad. That’s not really surprising though given that adding extra features including the additional ports (micro hdmi and micro SD) as well as the gorilla glass toughened screen and so forth is going to add some bulk. That’s where the keyboard dock does come in handy as it can be used as a stand to keep it at a suitable angle without holding it. I think you’d find it heavier that it looks but it does seem nicely balanced and lighter than other honeycomb Android tablets like the Motorola Xoom, or the Acer Iconia A500.

  • Jaetjeans Joseph

    I cant wait to try this jewel out with Autodesk’s Sketchbook Express & some remote TouchOSC for Native Instrument’s Traktor 2

    Wulf Crazy Tech Howla!

  • Alistair Lowe

    Have you noticed that if you apply a bit too much pressure to certain areas of the back then it squeezes the liquid on the display panel? It’s my only annoyance of what is otherwise a great device as I’m able to make it happen just by trying to hold the device with one hand.

  • Ken Miller

    yes, the tablet is independent of the keyboard. they both have batteries