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biosupgradeASUS’ AMD Socket AM3 motherboards have been given a new lease on life thanks to a BIOS update that ASUS plans to release this year. This BIOS update will make the AMD Socket AM3 motherboards compatible with AM3+ processors, a brilliant move that shows ASUS’ commitment to offering backwards compatibility options to their users.

The BIOS update also includes the motherboards in the Bulldozer series. The Bulldozer series has also been renamed to the FX-series and this move is a refreshing change for users who are tired of having to upgrade with every advance in technology.

While backwards compatibility may limit what your motherboard can get from the newer processors, it does mean that you get to enjoy your technology for even longer. It also shows ASUS’ continuing commitment to think of the needs of their users and give them what they want.

The BIOS upgrade is so far only available for the motherboards that are built on the 890GX/SB850 and 890FX/SB850 chipsets but there is still more to come. ASUS have also announced that the 880G, 870G and 760G chipsets will have AM3+ compatibility with the M5A motherboards.

I am a huge fan of upgrading and advancing my PC, goodness even knows how many times I’ve added this, tweaked that and twisted those bits over there. A PC is an ongoing process of love and commitment that I adore.

bios upgrade

However, in spite of this passion, I have to applaud any company that decides to offer a backwards compatibility option to me. Now I can choose and don’t have to feel that the next move is mandatory.

So, the ASUS 890FX and 890GX series motherboards can be upgraded to enjoy the AM3+ CPUs, and the AMD 8-Series chipset motherboards based on 880G and 870, and the 760G, chipsets will be released on the AM3+ socket.

From a company that breathes motherboards and delivers superb performance, this is a development well worth a happy blog post from me.

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