Still got Eee Pad questions? Video answers here!

April 11th, 2011 in .Pads & Slates .Products .Video
Matt Black
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If Mrs. Mario’s exhaustive detail on the Eee Pad hasn’t been enough for you, we’ve also put together ten very down-to-earth videos giving a complete overview of the Transformer. So if there’s any section you’re not quite sure on, check them out below; we cover everything from hardware to gaming to ASUS software to outputting HDMI onto a big TV. We’re still in possession of the Transformer for a little while longer, so if you have absolutely any other questions you want to ask – just drop us a comment below or on the Eee Pad Facebook page (we’ll be reading as well as the Eee Pad team) and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Eee Pad Transformer Video List (you can also watch them in HD on our YouTube channel):

Eee Pad Transformer Hardware Overview

Eee Pad Transformer Android 3 Overview

Eee Pad Transformer plays Angry Birds

Using the cameras on the Eee Pad Transformer

Android Market on the Eee Pad Transformer

GPS and Google Maps on the Eee Pad Transformer

Music and SRS Speakers on the Eee Pad Transformer

Can I use a USB flash drive or HDD with the Eee Pad Transformer?

Eee Pad Tegra 2 Performance and Nvidia Tegra Zone

ASUS Software Innovations and HDMI output on the Eee Pad Transformer

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  • ben rhys-davies

    Can you show loading a PDF please
    (and would also like to see the keyboard dock mousepad multi-touch)

    Great videos – many thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    Any chance of seeing some videos of the polaris office suite that comes with it being used with the keyboard? Would love to see how well it can do basic word and excel stuff.

  • Steven Tu

    Can you show us how to link the mini HDMI connection? Is there some kind of set up necessary or is it plug-and-play?

    Also, can you show us the charging and syncing on USB connection to laptop or desktop computer?

  • Anonymous

    Noted! Will do!

  • Anonymous

    Sure thing!

  • Anonymous

    All noted down! We’ll get on doing some videos answering these questions this week :-)

  • Prof Madaraki

    Can it play high profile mkv without converting them?

  • Andrew Kindred

    Any chance of seeing some sample videos and photos taken from the onboard cameras?

  • IceBeam

    Come on guys, put it all into one single video!

  • IceBeam

    Does it read NTFS?

  • IceBeam

    What kind of formats does “MyLibrary” open?

  • Alvin Yeoh

    Does the USB ports on the dock work with a 3G dongle?

  • Vlad Patras

    Can we see a demo of MyDesktop ?
    Remote desktop is the reason I’m buying the dock, but I don’t know how easy it is to use considering the keyboard lacks function keys. Does MyDesktop offer some tweaks to operate a PC with the special transformer keyboard ?

  • Andrew Kindred

    Can you print from the Transformer to a wireless printer using Polaris or other software?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone though of loading other OS into it? e.g. Win XP? win 7 is a no coz of the processor requirements being too high for tegra to handle. I only worry about whether ASUS does have drivers…
    Tech experts, your advice please?

  • Anonymous

    using the mini HDMI is similar to how u do the VGA connection, just that u need a connector this time… i think asus would provide that inside the package? otherwise u have to buy the short converter cable. it shouldnt be that bulky…

  • Anonymous

    ePub and PDF

  • Anonymous

    Yes it does, but you must make sure you safely eject the drive from a Windows machine first to make sure it writes the whole filesystem.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately not. All Android phones and tablets are limited to the baseline h264 profile and mp4 encoding.

  • Anonymous

    You can buy mini-HDMI to HDMI cables and adapters if you don’t have one. I’ve not seen the box so I don’t know the retail package. Plugging in the adapter is simply plug n play though – there’s no software interaction needed.

  • Anonymous

    Depends – does the printer require drivers installed first?

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately it’s impossible to install a non-ARM OS on it. WinXP and Win7 are exclusively x86, which is incompatible with Tegra 2 technology. Maybe MeeGo in the future or other Linux distros compiled for ARM?

  • Edward Sargent

    Does it support Hard drives that are USB powered and what is the probable effect on the battery life? Your video shows the HD operation with the keyboard but will it connect to the HD without the keyboard?

  • Edward Sargent

    It would be nice to be able to reverse the mounting on the keyboard dock so it can be used as a tablet but with bouble the battery life

  • george worswick

    what kind of hdmi should i buy