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Again it’s me, stating for the moral guardians of the interweblogging world, THIS IS A SPONSORED POST.

For the few out there that didn’t read last week’s post (who am I kidding), those crazy but generous folks over at ASUS have given me one of their new Eee Pad Transformer Tablets to review and let you know how I’m using it in my normal day to day life.  Well to misquote a line from The Fast Show, ‘This week I have been mostly using it in the garden.’

We are having one of those glorious early summers in London, and we are all desperately trying to ignore the fact that whilst we are having nice weather now, it does means that July and August are going to be as wet, insipid and dull as a wet T-Shirt contest in an OAP’s home.

Be that as it may, we English know how to make hay while the sun shines, so me and the Tablet have set up camp in the garden and have been working from there.  Last year I had to stay chained to my PC to work, infrequently rushing outside to catch some rays like Joan Collins catches husbands (and rays.)

This year is going to be so gloriously better, and I am glad the Chancellor has increased the VAT to 20% as Vodka and Tonic is my summer drink of choice, and an increase of them by 20% is more than welcome.

Long day at work...

The Polaris Office software the Tablet comes preloaded with is a joy to work with, in fact my last three articles have been written exclusively on it, and they have been easy to send to my home PC or to upload to the MyCloud facility that also came pre-installed.  It has everything I need to access my work email, and the tools I need to create the pieces of art I call email campaigns.

All that’s left to me is to somehow explain my new tan to my Boss when I next have to make a Head Office visit.  I am currently using the Tablet to Google ‘unfortunate discolouration’, but all it has come up with so far is WAGS and Essex, neither of which I think my boss will find as an acceptable explanation.

I’m not taking the pee though – I know that the Tablet has the ability to store all my chosen music in MyCloud, so that I can whistle, hum and strangle lyrics whilst I work, but I am resisting that temptation in fairness to my office-trapped colleagues.  Although one of them just sent round a ‘joke’ email at my expense, so I may well re-evaluate that principle in time for the next blog.

I promised you, my avid and rabid readers, some technical details about the Tablet, so here they are.

  • NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 1.0GHz dual-core CPU for excellent multitasking & 1080p video playback
  • Android 3.0 Honeycomb O.S. with Adobe® Flash® 10.2 support
  • Full QWERTY keyboard, touchpad input with Polaris® Office® for mobile productivity
  • 16 hours long battery life for all day computing with docking station
  • Brilliant IPS panel with ultra-wide 178⁰ viewing angle made from scratch resistant and super tough glass
  • One year of Unlimited ASUS WebStorage, two USB ports, SD and Micro SD card readers for easy sharing & storage expendability
  • 3D stereo with max bass response with SRS premium sound

I have only a vague understanding of what the majority of that lot means, but what I do know is this:

1  I can use it to work in the garden (important)

2  My work colleagues are stuck in a smelly office (oh dear)

3  I’m not (A loud Nelson from The Simpsons Ha Ha)

4  As a result of the Tablet, George Hamilton is going to be coming to me for tanning tips.

Until next week my friends, I bid you Adieu, and don’t forget, use sunscreen.

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