ASUS launch a new workstation motherboard

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P6X58-E WS The P6X58-E WS motherboard is one of the latest designs to come out of ASUS’ motherboard stables but this beauty is more for the enterprise user than us simple folk. It is a powerful workhorse of a board that offers a bunch of excellent features for superior performance in the enterprise space.

So what can you find in, on and round the P6X58-E WS motherboard?

To start with it boasts two Gigabit LAN connections that offer double the usual bandwidth while simultaneously reducing the load on the CPU.  Considering the importance of cutting the costs associated with this improvement, you can see why it has the potential to be very valuable to enterprise.

However, that’s not all. You will find a dedicated expansion slot controller for each connected graphics card, delivering increased bandwidth availability for each, and it has multi-GPU support for both the AMD CrossFireX and the Nvidia SLI.

Additionally the three PCI-E channels offer X16 speeds, the P6X58-E WS motherboard offers SATA 6Gb/s, and USB 3.0 for rapid data transfer rates. ASUS have also included the ASUS Xtreme Phase power delivery components that ensure power is cleaner and more efficient, as well as delivering more reliability and stability.

The P6X58-E WS motherboard is based on the Intel X58 Express chipset and an Nvidia NF200 bridge chip.

P6X58-E WS To round things off nicely for those of you shopping in the enterprise space and looking for reliability, performance AND charm, you’ll be interested to note that the P6X58-E WS motherboard comes with the ASUS 24×24 pledge – nonstop operation for 24 hours and a 24 month guaranteed market availability.


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