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January 19th, 2011 in .News & Events .PC Components .Products
Mrs Mario
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Last year ASUS launched a pretty cool competition that asked PC geniuses to submit stories about why they are proud of what they’ve done with their motherboards. The competition, PRIDE,  is running across the globe and has attracted some seriously cool entries, but the fun isn’t over yet and you still stand a chance to win ace prizes.

First, let me explain what PRIDE is all about. You can find some previous bloggy chats here and here, but the short of it is that you could enter your motherboard skills into several different categories and you had to explain why it fitted that category and how you went about achieving your technological awesomeness.

There have been some utterly brilliant entries into the competition and, no matter how clever or ingenious the solutions may be, there are stories here that are fascinating to read. These stories and ideas come from people all over the world and will keep any geek happily absorbed for hours.

I lost ages to reading the different entries and the comments that went with them. What’s truly ace is the fact that you can vote for the stories that capture your heart or imagination the most. The people who get the most votes will be in line for all sorts of awesome prizes and, you the voter, will be too.

This is definitely a case of win-win for anyone interested in participating in PRIDE.

I really enjoy competitions like these. They are far more fun than standard ones as you can really get involved in creating things and being creative. I have been stunned by some of the ideas that people came up, in some cases I was amazed and immediately set about seeing if I could do the same things myself.

So, if you haven’t already spent ages on the site, why not take a peek at PRIDE and vote on your favourite entry?

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