Mmm…Ice Cream Sandwiches!

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I love me some sammiches, especially those of the ice cream variety. The creamy vanilla pressed between two velvety chocolate wafers brings back memories of when I was a kid, eliciting a smile and feelings of happiness. So how do I feel that Google’s newest Android 4.0 OS is being named Ice Cream Sandwich? It’s aptly named.


Google’s goal to combine a smartphone and tablet into a unified OS is achieved with its releasing due out in the next few weeks. The reveal at the AsiaD press event in Hong Kong showed off some innovative new features that users can look forward to, with my personal favorite the facial recognition unlocking and the addition of a multitude of camera related features.

Another feature that looks promising is Android Beam, which lets you share information simply by tapping two Android 4.0 devices together. Have an article you want to share? Bump your devices together and bam, instashare. It also works for sharing a link to the Android Market if you’re working in an application.

Oh hai!

That’s just a bit a taste of what Ice Cream Sandwich will offer, and devices like the Eee Pad Transformer, Eee Pad Slider and next generation Eee Pad Transformer Prime have all already been confirmed with future upgrades, but until it’s released, I’ll just have to be content with eating ACTUAL ice cream sandwiches…nom nom nom.

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  • Vishal

    And Transformer is coming with Honey Comb…?

  • Sam

    Asus has already committed to getting ICS on the Transformer.  In fact, I ended up here via a tweet from them.  My guess is that the Transformer is no more than a few weeks away from an ICS push.  Probably soon after the Galaxy Nexus releases as that’s probably required by Google.

  • Vishal

    Sorry Sam,actually Transformer prime.

  • Anonymous

    Have to wait until 9th when Prime is released. Ice Cream isn’t set for mass-release until ~Q1 on many devices though, despite Google announcing it.

  • Vishal

    According to latest news I think ICS is confirmed for T.Prime.