CPU Frequency Guinness World Record Broken by ASUS and AMD!

Matt Black
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Normally your CPU runs at 2-3GHz, or if you’re into overclocking it maybe 4-5GHz, but 8? That’s sheer craziness.

Top overclocker and extreme expert, Andre Yang, blasted the record into orbit running AMD’s latest FX-8150 CPU in an ROG Crosshair V Formula motherboard, which is built to handle such extreme measures.

To aid such an achievement the CPU required copious quantities of liquid nitrogen – an ultra-cold liquid that freezes everything down to around -180C. This readily absorbs the intense heat given off by such a heavily overclocked CPU, and boils off harmlessly into the environment (since 80% of the air we breathe is Nitrogen anyway).

Crosshair V Formula

Obviously this technique won’t be replicated at home anytime soon, so the relevance of the record to everyday life is minimal, however ASUS (among other companies) use records like this to show the high-quality of their engineering. The motherboard can support, achieve and survive the most intense hardware situation possible; so that has to be a good investment. And even if the Crosshair is too rich for your blood, then like Formula 1 cars, the developments achieved in the Republic of Gamers series will eventually filter down to the mainstream in subsequent generations. It’s more than a PR exercise, it’s a real investment in research and design.

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  • http://twitter.com/cloudsmesh Vishal

    Yeah I can achieve 4 and 5GHz(which is also unstable sometime) but overclock up to 8 GHz,only in imagination.