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October 25th, 2011 in .News & Events
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Even though most email services offer great spam protection, sometimes you just don’t want to give out your real email address. But unless you give out a valid email address, you won’t be able to receive that freebie, gift, or whatever you’re signing up for.

You might’ve thought you only have two choices:

1) Give out your real email address, receive your freebie, and then deal with the spam or unsubscribing process.

2) Spend about 5 minutes creating a separate email address, so your main account doesn’t get spammed.

All valid methods, but there is an easier solution: temporary email.

Several websites provide temporary email services. All you need to do is visit the site and an email address will be generated for you automatically. No signup, no password, and no hassle. The temporary email will usually expire within 30 minutes to an hour; however, that’s plenty of time for you to sign up for whatever you’re looking for!

A few good temporary email providers: Mailinator, Guerrilla Mail, 10 minute mail.

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