The ASUS F1A75-I Deluxe Mini-ITX Motherboard

August 23rd, 2011 in .PC Components .Products
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ASUS F1A75-I deluxe mini-ITX motherboard The ASUS F1A75-I deluxe mini-ITX motherboard is one of those delightful things that makes tech geeks like me go, “Ohhhh!” It isn’t just that it has a lot of really good features, features that any motherboard should possess, but rather that it is so darn teeny, so compact and clever.

So, what will you find on the F1A75-I? Well there are a some ASUS exclusive features such as the DIGI+ VRM, the Turbo V EVO, the MemOK!, and the BT GO 3.0 to start with, then you can enjoy the superior graphics and audio thanks to the DirectX 11 Support and surround sound effects.

After you’ve finished appreciating those features, how about looking at the fact that you not only get a mini motherboard that takes up so little space, but you also get a mini motherboard that’s ideal for home theatre PCs (HTPCs) and an included three-in-one remote.

ASUS F1A75-I deluxe mini-ITX motherboard

Whether you fancy whipping up a compact and small gaming machine for your spare room, or like being ahead of the pack in the latest developments, or enjoy slim and powerful HTPCs, this motherboard will fit the bill.  You have an AMD Socket FM1 for A & E2 series processors, an AMD A75 FCH chipset, DDR3, PCI Express, support for DP, HDMI and DVI graphics, LAN, wifi, four SATA drives and one eSATA for storage, four USB 3.0 slots and six USB 2.0 slots, and all this in a motherboard that’s only 6.7×6.7 inches. That’s 17x17cm to those of you who prefer metric.

With the ASUS F1A75-I deluxe mini-ITX motherboard installed into your lounge PC, you can also create a wireless hub from which all other devices can enjoy entertainment and on-the-go connectivity. Combine this with the Tr! Remote and you have a rather cushy setup.

ASUS F1A75-I deluxe mini-ITX motherboard

The TR! Remote that comes along with the ASUS F1A75-I deluxe mini-ITX motherboard is non-directional and uses RF technology. You can just sit back, relax and surf the internet using the clever controls and technology. The remote comes with a mouse scroll function, multi-media control, and a full QWERTY keyboard so you can instantly reply to emails, surf the net, and spend some time on your social networking.

You will also find a flexible and easy BIOS interface, and the flexibility to implement dual display combinations (although you’d need to get the HDMI to DVI converter separately).

The ASUS F1A75-I deluxe mini-ITX motherboard is a teeny tiny slice of home entertainment heaven that can be tailored and customised by you to fit in with whatever your personal requirements are. Awesome.

So, what would you use it for? What do you think of the size and the remote control?

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  • Alan Huang

    Lovely product! Do want one…..

  • Vishal

    Feature loaded and Best mATX motherboard.
    BT GO 3.0,TR! Remote are Nice (want for my Rampage III Extreme). 
    These Golden ports are thunderbolt ?

  • Anonymous

    Noo WiFi 802.11n. Much more useful ;-)

  • Vishal

    Yeah you are right.
    WiFi is good.