New study reveals that kids need more exercise

July 4th, 2011 in .Family Tech .News & Events
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A recent study undertaken by the University of Worcester’s Institute of Sport and Exercise Science has shown that children are not active for long enough periods each day, not to the required 60 minute minimum needed to keep them fit and healthy.

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The Guardian has gone into quite a bit of detail on these findings and the article makes for some very interesting reading. Parents believe that their children are doing far more exercise than they actually are. While these results are only reflective of a small group of people, this is a concern.

These findings coincide with National Childhood Obesity Week which started today. You can find out more about the week and what you can do to participate on their website. The site lets you work out your child’s BMI (and yours!) and offers you ideas on keeping fit and beating obesity.

For us geeks, technology doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours sitting down and getting fat. You can now use it to get fit. How about standing when you read your email instead of sitting? With your Eee Pad Transformer you can go through your emails while standing upright. This burns more calories than sitting and keeps the blood pumping.

You can even get Dance Dance Revolution from Stepmania for Windows and Linux if you fancy installing it on your netbook and hooking it up to your TV. You can link it up to a dance pad, your keyboard and even create your own steps to the music of your choice.

There are some ace apps for your Android pad that will help you to keep fit, and you can buy yourself one of these amazing machines so you can power your PC with your body while losing weight and keeping fit.

Family Style will definitely do a piece that lists ways of getting kids fit while they use their PCs so stay tuned!

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