Are computers good for kids?

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computing for kidsWhether it is TV or a computer or a game console – the debate about screen time for children continues on with new information revealed on a regular basis. What we do know is that children can benefit a great deal from interaction with a computer – from as young as three years old – and that the amount of time they spend in front of a screen should be limited to one to two hours maximum a day.

There is plenty of information on screen time and the suspected side effects, but there is also research to show that actually computer activity can be hugely beneficial to kids. It encourages problem solving, creativity, and innovation. Like any activity it is all about control and quality.

Instead of letting children spend hours in front of the screen, allow them a finite amount of time each day. If they used the computer for an hour, then there is no television, and vice versa. This way you are limiting any potential health risks but also giving them the tools they need to survive in a world that’s packed with technology.

That said, the benefit children get from technology is also related to what they are doing with it, or on it. Exclusively playing games with no educational slant won’t necessarily improve your child’s creativity, although games have been shown to improve reflexes and problem solving skills.

Use websites and software that are pertinent to a child’s age group and that have tangible benefits. For those of you allowing kids screen time on a pad, such as the Eee Pad Transformer, these will come in the form of apps. And there are plenty of free educational apps available today.

Websites such as CBeebies or CBBC consist primarily of games and activities designed to boost brainpower in specific age groups, and online social networking sites for children encourage vocabulary, socialising, and interaction.

There are plenty of scary headings that claim technology can damage a child’s health but they are often referring to extreme cases, or in situations where children get no physical exercise. It is all about balance and management.

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