ASUS X79 motherboards: memory overclocking demo

Suds McSoapdish
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Our friends at ASUS HQ have shared with us a new video they made, showcasing the high memory overclockability of the company’s new Intel Socket LGA 2011/X79 Express Chipset motherboards. The two featured are the high end mass market P9X79 DELUXE and the ROG Rampage IV Extreme gaming motherboard. The former was recently Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) certified, indicating its high stability and reliability when working with extremely overclocked RAM.

The video mentions stable RAM speeds of up to 2700MHz on the Rampage IV Extreme, which goes to show just how effective a base it is for a hardcore gaming and benchmarking machine. Key points to remember are the extensive testing ASUS engineers conduct on each new model as it’s being developed, and also the close relationship ASUS maintains with memory vendors like Kingston and G.Skill. The P9X79 DELUXE was certified XMP using Kingston RAM.

Anyway, take a look at the video:

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  • Vishal

    64GB Memory stocks on both side totally looks Smokin’.