ASUS U53SD Bamboo Series notebook receives Carbon Neutrality certification

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ASUS recently became the first manufacturer to deliver a notebook that achieves net zero carbon emissions throughout its life cycle. The U53SD Bamboo notebook meets the requirements of the PAS 2060:2010 Standard for Carbon Neutrality.

ASUS has committed to a carbon footprint reduction strategy and has subsequently proven that the U53SD does not result in a net increase in greenhouse gas emissions throughout its life cycle.

Through a combination of energy-saving hardware and software; along with the use of bamboo for parts of the notebook chassis, ASUS managed to reduce the U53SD’s carbon footprint by up to 10 percent.

The Super Hybrid Engine technology developed by ASUS helps lower the U53SD’s energy consumption by up to 20 percent. The bamboo used was lightly treated to ensure it retained its look and feel, with the end result giving the U53SD a textured, natural feel.

ASUS also employs the use of 100 percent natural and recyclable bamboo paper and non-woven cloth in the Bamboo Series’ packaging, thereby further reducing its overall environmental impact.

Frank Lin, chief quality officer, said, “ASUS supports all available strategies to mitigate climate change. Aside from reducing carbon emissions at enterprise level, we also follow the Integrated Product Policy (IPP) to develop energy-saving technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of our products through our Eco design concepts.”

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