Miliband, serfs and cold winds

September 27th, 2010 in .Stewart Faulkes Summer Blog

Blog 7

All seems uncannily simple

And so ultimately sure

Achieving scintillating, uncomplicated stuff

At such useful speeds,

Always sending ‘u’ something

Absolutely stupendous, utterly straightforwardly…

And so unwinds style

This week Asus has neglected to provide protection from the rain and the threat of cold as we are being autumned and wintered into the future like frozen, unclothed peas. It has with its best friend Dongle been useful at surfing for serfs on the internet as I have been doing the Norman Conquest, and it has produced flow charts, bar charts, inedible pi charts.

It has also been very useful today, keeping up with the latest Labour leadership events. The array of free newspaper and blog information on Ed Miliband, beating his downcast elder brother in the latest extension to sibling rivalry, is crucial to me as I also teach A Level Politics and need to know what is going on as soon as it happens….though it might be of even greater comfort if I knew beforehand what was going to happen.

Of course, for the last few weeks moving into a new flat, new job and going for interviews…Asus has been a flying laptop coping with on the go, on the move, with no prospect of power or rest. However, with the new flat and job…it is possible to promise it that a period of calm is about to emerge and a more sedentary lifestyle. Indeed, soon it won’t even need its mate Dongle when the Great Server starts to offer service.  Does rest mean corpulence, decay, dust, too much of nothing….no way.

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