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December 6th, 2010 in .Blogs .Handhelds & Smartphones .Products
Mrs Mario
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You need to seriously consider getting the Eee Note for Christmas. If I am honest I have been against e-readers from the start. I am a huge reader and adore books, I love the way they smell and the way it feels to turn the page.

However, I never realised how hard I would fall when I first started to play around with the Eee Note. The pure simplicity of it all is enchanting. The fact that I can store a ton of books on there without having to lug around a gigantic suitcase is a big plus. Now I only need one thin and light slice of tech that can slot into my handbag perfectly. And this isn’t JUST an e-reader, either. This happens to let you read books, sure, but this is all about delivering enormous quantities of flexibility and tech in a very well priced and feature rich package.

Actually, I got a stunning leather satchel that fits both my future Eee Note and Eee pad brilliantly. How do I know this? Because I measured it before I bought it. There is no negotiating on my getting the Eee Pad. I have played around with several Android-based pads over the past few months and I’m really excited about where they are going and the Eee Pad looks set to stun on many levels.

The Eee Note comes with a stylus, a monochrome display, wi-fi, and a microSD slot and will be around soon. While you may not be able to slot it under the Christmas tree, I am positive that a little note telling your partner that this is their pressie will not go unappreciated.

They charge via your laptop, netbook or PC too. Very handy, especially if you’re travelling. It is also very easy to use, the interface is immensely intuitive and you have access to a photo album, calendar, calculator, voice memos and so much more. This is more than just a portable (and pretty) book and it is pipped to sell for around just under £150 – a decent price for an all-rounder.

While it will be missing the Christmas boom with a 2011 launch, the Eee Note is worth waiting for. You get far more bang for your buck than just a device that can read books and I promise you, it will keep you amused for hours.  My family have received my (extensive) Christmas wish list that includes both the Eee Note and the Eee Pad as presents that will get them at least six months worth of kudos.

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