WePC.com is a tech playground for ASUS and Intel fans

November 22nd, 2010 in .Inspired .Trends
Nick Holland

A brand new cooperative website between ASUS an Intel has launched a new initiative looking for people with an opinion about their products. So, just about everyone that’s used a PC or laptop then? Not just that, but the site is after ‘super fans’ too: not just people who like to use ASUS an Intel products, but people who really want to contribute to the future of technology.


Dubbed the ‘technology playground’, WePC gives people the opportunity to join their community and talk to like minded people about their experiences with technology over a range of subjects, while also catching up on new innovations launched by both companies. For your efforts, there’s points, prizes and badges to earn!

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in anything from the nitty-gritty techy stuff, to just discussing how computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones can be better used in your life; by your family and kids for their entertainment or education, for example. Everyone can get passionate about how they prefer things – even the little things – and even though companies like both ASUS and Intel commit a lot of time and money to researching the right way to do things, they still don’t have the collective knoweledge of the crowd. As both companies make a huge range of products, so there should be an application and platform for everyone.

If you do become a ‘super fan‘ though, you are given access to the inner workings of product design and can directly chat to the actual product design and engineering teams, as well as get invites to events and have the chance to be an exclusive product tester to give your feedback. It’s a cracking opportunity for those who are tech or gadget minded, or just have always got something constructive to add.

Right now the site is still in its early days, but signing up is free, so go grab a look!

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