The ASUS G74Sx. Time to game.

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The G74 Keypad

The G74 Keypad

The ASUS G74Sx gaming laptop is now available for advance order in the US of A and will no doubt be arriving on the UK shores shortly thereafter. This utterly delectable slice of gaming wondrousness is packed with features especially designed for gamers.

Over Christmas I had the pleasure of using the G73 for a few  weeks and it was really good to game on, so I have no doubt that this, it’s older and wiser sister, is going to be another winner. Boasting a simple and basic design, the G74Sx features a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia graphics card with 3GB of video memory, a 3D display option, 12 GB of RAM, 17.3inches of full 1080p HD display glory, and a backlit keyboard.

G74sx gaming laptop

You also get a Blu-ray drive, 1.5TB of storage through dual 750GB HDDs, an easy access hatch for quick upgrading and accessibility, and an effective thermal design to control heat dissipation. The laptop is mostly devoid of the bells, whistles and flashing lights that usually accompany a gaming laptop. Instead of looking boring, it almost looks as if it may bite you without any warning.

This is a quality I appreciate in a laptop, especially a gaming one.

This Republic of Gamers G74Sx gaming laptop was first revealed at Computex and is ASUS’ first 17-inch 3D gaming notebook.

The design, the features and its abilities certainly make the G74Sx look like the gaming laptop to watch out for this year. What do you think?

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  • Vishal

    Really so powerful and stylish laptop.All things like i7 processor,nvidia 3GB graphics card,12GB RAM,17.3″ full HD 3D display are awesome.Blu-ray is also useful.
    But one thing i missing is SSD.
    Since its a powerful gaming laptop so i think its price will also high.

  • Alexander Lai

    Great! Looks amazing! Performance would be nothing short of awesome as well. Now let us change the GPU without restriction.