Working with TV on the ASUS ET2410INTS All-in-One PC

February 16th, 2012 in .Desktop & All-in-one PCs .Products
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This is one feature I’ve saved for last. This is because it’s something I’ve been very excited to try out and, like with my food, I always save the best for last. Set up is ridiculously easy. You open Windows Media Centre, select Custom (to avoid automatically signing up for Windows Customer stuff) and then follow the steps to install your TV.

asus et2410ints all in one PC

Included in the box with the ASUS ET2410INTS All-in-One PC is a little aerial dude that slots into the back of the PC and comes with a brilliant suction cup at the base which seems to stick quite happily to almost anything. Set this up so you have the closest access to a window/signal and then follow the Windows Media Centre instructions under Custom install.

One word of warning here, this process will take quite a long time so don’t expect to be sitting back and having coffee and TV in five minutes flat. Windows Media centre asks for your post code and then proceeds to download local TV data and locate the signal. In my case I had to go through the process several times before the aerial was in a position to get the best signal.

It is here I have a quiet rant about Microsoft. Why they don’t include an initial set-up phase that lets you test the signal before spending 10 minutes scouring the waves for all the local stations is beyond me. Something that simple could make all the difference. Anyway, you will have to wait and it could take a while. If you have a dedicated aerial looking for a home, that is the fastest way and the one I recommend.

In the end I had to carry the lovely AIO ET2410 All-in-One PC through to a room with a dedicated aerial and then things went swimmingly. Soon I was up and running and ready to go with my freeview TV channels.

My next piece is going to take a look at how well it worked overall and anything else that comes up as I go. Feel free to ask questions…

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