Playing games with the ASUS ET2410 All-in-One PC

January 31st, 2012 in .Desktop & All-in-one PCs .Products
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Last week I mentioned that I would be sitting down with the ASUS ET2410 All-in-One PC and seeing how well it handled some of the games I threw at it. Unfortunately, I got a bit lost in the games and so it took me a little bit longer than I had planned to let you know how it was.

asus aio et2410 all in one PC

The first thing I did was load up some old games like Mass Effect and Bioshock. Not exactly blocky 1990s pixel parts but still not the top of the range, graphic card eating monsters that are around today. Both games played dreamily on the ET2410 all in one PC.

I guess you’re probably asking why I chose them. Well, you see, I got both those games plus their sequels and other titles such as Left4Dead 1 and 2 as gifts about two years ago. Then I got really busy and the only time I ever get to play them was when I was reviewing kit.

Sadly many of the machines I reviewed didn’t boast 24inch screens or a GeForce GT 540M GPU. While this isn’t a monster rig, obviously, there is enough power here to enjoy even the latest games with modified settings. Crysis 2, a common benchmark, wasn’t great when I had the settings on the highest levels possible. However, when I dropped them down, the game played smoothly and without excessive judder or quality compromise.

Well, for me, the compromise on quality was not a problem at all. While I love my gaming and shy away from the console for anything other than fitness games, I don’t mind if the resolution isn’t sitting at the highest possible point or if there is a spot of blurring here and there. What I care about most is playing the game without it jerking, stopping, crashing or causing me problems.

And guess what? The ASUS ET2410 All-in-One PC didn’t. It moved casually through Crysis 2 at my new settings (1280×720) and managed the others (obviously) without breaking a sweat. While the quality and settings of the latest games are not going to be amazing, what is impressive here is the fact that you are playing them at all. This is a slim, really slim, machine with enough power to handle the latest games and takes up barely any space.

A few years ago such a thing would have been a dream. This is the future and I have it on my desk. Next up is a look through all the included features on the ASUS ET2410 All-in-One PC and a hint at its video editing capabilities.

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