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February 3rd, 2012 in .Laptops & Netbooks .Products .Sound
Suds McSoapdish
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While personally a huge fan of headphones for gaming, music, and movie watching because I do love blasting the volume but never want to disturb anyone, the new MS-100′s ASUS sent me do present a very enticing proposition. These are very compact and stylish speakers that are powered by USB, managing a nice 3W RMS with no additional power adapter needed.

Two on the floor. Or the desktop.

Three watts may not sound like a lot, but for something that plugs and literally plays out of a USB port on your PC, these are quite impressive. The sound quality is good, with deep low ends and crisp highs, so the MS-100′s certainly come in handy if you need sound quickly, like at a meeting or with people – just pop the USB connector into a USB port, and you get good sound with very modest space requirements and almost no battery draw.

Not much bigger than a cup of tea

Certainly these are not professional-grade speakers, so if you’re planning a public event in a square somewhere you might want to consider something grander, but for an intimate setting, they do just fine.

That fresh factory smell!

The retail box is attractive, as well, with the inside padded in velvet! All you get within are the two speakers with their USB cable/connector, a manual, and a warranty card. That’s it, simple.

Everyone loves velvet

One button turns the set on, and there’s a volume wheel. I like the design, as well, a unique conical shape supported by a rubber stand. That latter is formulated specifically to offer good stability (to minimise vibration and other sound-affecting movements), as well as safeguard surfaces against scratches should you move the speakers around.

Doesn't get much simpler than this!

I wouldn’t call this an unboxing article since unpacking the MS-100′s takes all of ten seconds, but more like a close look at them in the wild. They are really good value for money, and anyone looking for impressive, quick, and simple audio augmentation should consider them – they amplify laptop audio way beyond basic onboard speakers, and the convenience of no power adapter and USB connectivity is great.

Side view of the cone shape and stand

Sound off on these in the comments section if you’d like, and remember to always be considerate of others no matter which speakers you go with for your PC needs!

The two speakers with their USB connector

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  • Vishal

    I like it’s design and USB connectivity for instant sound applications.3W is enough I think.