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January 6th, 2011 in .Blogs .News & Events
Mrs Mario
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The brand spanking new video from ASUS Republic of Gamers (RoG) has just been released on Facebook and its causing quite a stir. This is one hot and shivertastic video showcasing the awesome RoG notebooks from ASUS.

I love it when an ad taps into the psyche of gaming. That feeling you get when you power up your machine, load the game and disappear into a fantastical world of which you are the only master. It’s liberating and awesome. This is why I am a gamer, and why I will probably be a gamer right up into my 90s.

Excited yet? Want to see the ad?

Click here to go to the awesome video on Facebook and find out whether or not you’ve been chosen. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let everyone know what you think of the movie. Personally I reckon that chick is seriously hot and likely to flex some serious gaming muscles – she could probably take me in a deathmatch without breaking sweat.

The RoG series of notebooks are all about delivering the ultimate in gaming power and perfection while also making sure that the experience is all about you. Portable, compact, sleek and powerful, they are making waves in all the right places.

I was lucky enough to get one of these to play with for a month so stay tuned to read my review on Tech in Style soon.

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