The Green Hornet’s Jay Chou co-designs the latest ASUS N43Sl laptop

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Taiwanese Hollywood actor, Jay Chou, joined ASUS Chairman, Jonney Shih on stage yesterday to launch the latest N-Series laptop. Rather than just the usual celebrity endorsement though, Jay actually worked with the ASUS Design Center to actually co-design a more considerable stamp on it. The N43Sl Special Edition is available in both a ruby red or gold (and black), and the cover is customized by Jay with his own personal motifs. These combine things the singer-songwriter is mostly known for throughout Asia: his music, composing and art.

Jay Chou Piano and N43 orchestra

Jay Chou played on the piano and N43 provided the complementing orchestra during the event.

For example, one of Jay’s songs entitled “shuang jie gun” is the Chinese term for the Japanese weapon, nunchaku, which was originally popularized by Bruce Lee.

N-series Sonicmaster Notebooks

N-series Sonicmaster Notebooks

In a further binding of senses, Jay even composed personalized the start-up and shut-down sounds for the N43Sl.

While Chou co-starred in this year’s comic-book adaptation and international smash-hit movie, The Green Hornet, he’s better known throughout Asia for his music, composing and Taiwanese-Mandarin movies. This fanbase is reflected in the N43Sl’s availability, which is exclusively geared towards the Asian market.

Jay Chou presents his personal motif design on the N43Sl

Jay Chou presents his personal motif design on the N43Sl

While the N43 is not a brand new laptop for ASUS, the Sl represents upgraded specs using Intel’s Second Generation mobile Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics card with Nvidia Optimus graphics switching technology.

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  • Carl Hickman

    I would really, REALLY like to have those made available to the USA/EU market! 

    Jay Chou is awesome and his art must be supported everywhere!