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January 27th, 2012 in .News & Events
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Feel sorry for cancer ‘cause I just kicked its butt. Or so I think. I’m not really sure. That’s my incredible story. I live my life not knowing what the future holds. I guess we all do to an extent, but I guess you could say that I live my life with a bit more uncertainty than the average Joe.

I live my life three months at a time. That’s how often I go back in for scans to see if my bone cancer has returned. It has twice. But here I sit…still alive, for whatever reason. Twenty rounds of chemo, 10 surgeries, and 4 years later. I found out the news three weeks after I had been married. That reminds me of another incredible thing.

My wife. She went to school, got a degree, worked to support the family, all while maintaining the home while I was sick. Incredible. She even tells me I look good bald. Very incredible.

It’s incredible that I had a stage four cancer, and I’m still alive. It’s incredible that the doctors thought I would lose a leg, and I didn’t. It’s incredible that they gave me a 30 percent chance to live, and here I am.

– Daniel Hedlund

That’s Daniel Hedlund’s incredible story. His moving account of his battle with stage four bone cancer made him the grand prize winner of “In Search of Incredible” — a global competition by ASUS and Intel to seek out the world’s most inspirational stories.

His story helped him realize a dream in meeting Grammy Award-winning artist and “In Search of Incredible” ambassador Jason Mraz. He also got a chance to watch Mraz in concert at one of the biggest international film festivals held at Park City, Utah.

On top of that, he got to tell his own “In Search of Incredible” story thanks to ASUS and Intel, who employed award-winning director Asif Kapadia and a professional film crew to create Hedlund’s film, which premiered simultaneously at Park City and on Microsoft’s Bing portal.

“Taking part in the competition has been an unforgettable experience, not only being able to meet Jason Mraz, but having the chance to collaborate creatively with him. I can’t wait for the video to share my story and give hope to others,” said Hedlund.

For more information about “In Search of Incredible” and Daniel Hedlund’s winning entry, please visit the In Search of Incredible site.

Follow Daniel’s incredible story on his blog.

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