Capturing the Perfect Sound: Clever Student Videos about ASUS SonicMaster

November 24th, 2010 in .ASUS SonicMaster .Technology Features
Nick Holland
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The students from the University for the Creative Arts, near London, England, have put together a couple of interesting YouTube videos about sound. If you really think about it, it’s a difficult subject to try and convey. Translating the essence and effect of sound into a predominantly visual medium like video requires a clever approach, so a big kudos to them because they have come up with a couple of distinctly different videos, highlighting the impressive sound of ASUS SonicMaster.

The Perfect Sound

The first is about capturing ‘The Perfect Sound’; achieved by mixing together all the typically pleasurable sounds people like to hear. It’s a beautiful concept and one extremely well executed by the students.

Check that video out here

The Perfect Sound


The second is about the ‘Party’; where someone hears a full blown rave in a friends apartment, so in wondering why he’s not invited he knocks on the door to check it out. Suddenly, all the music and voices stop and there’s just one guy inside with his ASUS N-series notebook. Ah-Ha! I see what you did there!

You want in on the Party too? Then check that one out here

Party Sound

The Farnham Connection

While less obvious to make a direct point of sound, the students have opted for a fun way of highlighting what a difference sound makes with, uh, a shopping cart race! Without the impact of dubbing in the high octane car noises, the video would be clearly far less impressive and entertaining.

In part the video takes influence from the 1976 short film, C’était un rendez-vous, which, while filmed on a Mercedes on a speeding run through Paris streets at 5:30am, actually had engine noises from a Ferrari dubbed over it to give the film more impact.

You can check out the Farnham Connection video, here.

the farnham connection video

Drop Out

Drop Out gives us an alternative slant on our most vibrant sense, with a slightly surreal look at the world using alternative sounds to replace views normally found during a day.

Drop Out

Check out the video here.

The videos are in response to ASUS’ UK challenge in association with SonicMaster (, to visualise the perfect sound, as it’s often a neglected, but fundamental feature of any notebook. Let us know what you think, and if you have any ideas for videos in the comments.

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