The Eee Pad Transformer knocks the iPad out of the water

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A recent article by Vijay Ravindran, the senior vice president and chief digital officer of the Washington Post, has seen him, a dedicated Apple user, choose the Eee Pad Transformer over the iPad.

Eee pad transformer

In his long and in-depth article, Ravindran covers the primary benefits of owning an Eee Pad Transformer and shows how it offers a superior solution for the busy user on the go. If you happen to commute a lot, then the unique design of the Eee Pad Transformer is your best bet.

The extraordinarily clever combination of keyboard dock and tablet has put the Eee Pad Transformer in the upper corridors of the tablet hall of fame. The dock offers additional battery life, extremely useful hotkeys, makes transporting the Transformer a doddle, and much more.

My favourite quote from the article has to be this one: “The Asus Transformer is something rare. It has reduced the number of devices I use, while Apple keeps driving that number up.”

eee pad transformer

As someone who is now constantly on the move between towns as I visit people, go to events and network, that statement is particularly true. There are few things as frustrating as having to lug around two to three different tech items as they are all essential and all do different things. Using the Eee Pad Transformer has changed that for me as well.

What makes this article in the Washington Post even more exciting is the fact that Ravindran is clearly an Apple user. This is not an Android fan geeking out over tech that uses it well, this is someone who has seen how beautifully this product works within the market it is designed for. And you can’t get greater praise than that!

Take a look at his first video where he discovers the features of the Eee Pad Transformer here.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks like some school districts are starting to agree as well -

  • Mrs Mario

    Thank you so much for that link Robert! What a great article.