More Interactive Ads Coming to Facebook

October 4th, 2011 in .News & Events
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Facebook is on schedule to release a new type of advertisement for us…hooray! [/sarcasm]

No, actually, this new ad looks pretty cool. It appears on the right side of your screen just like normal ads – with one key difference: you and your friends can comment and like the ad. Check it out below a mock-up by The Ides of March. There aren’t any real samples quite yet because advertisers haven’t had the chance to sign up.

I think this new type changes the dynamics of advertisement, because now there is a social element directly tied into the ad. I would love to see what my friends are, because it gives the ad legitimacy.

God, I love Facebook’s ingenuity.

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  • Vishal

    Nice! :)

  • Matthew Leanna

    Facebook advertisement applications are very effective. People can readily see what their friends are checking out lately. Products and services being advertised through Facebook are quickly spread online since almost everyone these days has a Facebook account. This is one advantage Facebook has over other social media sites.

    Matthew Leanna