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This is nice. Another world first from ASUS in the shape of the extremely cute and helpful O!Play Mini Plus. This quiet and unassuming little HD media player comes with integrated Acetrax and Facebook support bringing internet-based entertainment to the living room.

O!Play Mini Plus

The O!Play Mini Plus smart TV set-top box gives you access to Mediafly, Dailymotion, Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, thousands of internet TV and radio stations and is the first media player to support Acetrax. Acetrax is one of the most popular online video on demand services in Euripe.

You can share photos and videos, enjoy online entertainment, play content from a PC, smartphone or tablet, and even access files directly from a connected USB drive. The O!Play Mini Plus has a gigabit Ethernet LAN support, built-in Wi-Fi support, O!Direct and O!MediaShare, and AutoPlay.

O!Direct offers fast one-click streaming of content from a desktop PC or notebook to a TV, and O!MediaShare is a free download from Android Market that lets you stream multimedia wirelessly from your other lovely devices such as a tablet or a smartphone.

O!Play Mini Plus_back_1This is pretty darn cool isn’t it? I love the idea of hooking one of these gizmos up to our multitude of PCs and smart devices and enjoying the stuff we have spread across them all. It certainly makes it a lot easier than the alternative – spending ages consolidating everything we have.

Other advantages include the fact that it is lovely and HD ready, and that you can enjoy the AutoPlay feature instead of doing what I always do – settle back and then realise I haven’t started the darn thing up and having to get up, mission around and THEN relax. Call me lazy (it’s true, I am) but I like it when tech does the hard work for me.

What do you think? Fancy one of these awesome dudes in your home, streaming content wirelessly so you can enjoy everything on your big screen TV?

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  • Rens van Koolwijk


  • Angel

    Does it support 10bit videos.

  • Angel

    Does it support 10bit videos.

  • Anonymous

    Could you be more specific?