Hands on with the ET2410 All-in-One PC

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There is something extremely decadent about owning 24 inches of monitor that delivers truly tasty desktop real estate to work with. If you’ve ever struggled with a tiny monitor or remember peering at an ancient CRT, then you’ll know exactly how nice it is to get some space and bright colour into your computing life, especially when it is a touch screen all-in-one behemoth at the same time like the ET2410. Just look at it… ET2410

The ET2410 all-in-one comes with 1920×1080 full HD LC panel with multi touch functionality. Not only that, but you can opt to turn it off it you don’t fancy working with touch as you go. There is an Intel Core i5 processor, DDR3 memory up to 8GB, Nvidia GT 540M with DDR3 VRAM to 1GB for graphics, a SATA HDD for your hard drive, a 3-in-1 card reader and a built-in webcam.


The ET2410 series are ideal for listening to music, watching Blu-ray DVDs, enjoying TV, sharing photos and images, emailing, social networking and general all-round awesome home entertainment. They look fantastic too.


Think about it, instead of a ton of gizmos and gadgets littered about your lounge you get this at only 6cm in thickness on a low-profile stand and easy cable management (yes, this is actually planned for with a system at the back of the ET2410).

Check out the SonicMaster optimisation and tailor-made external subwoofer that ensure lovely, crisp sound.

The ET2410 can double as monitor, offers plug-n-play TV, has touch-enhanced software, and hidden buttons to control it all. Oh, and the I/O is conveniently located on the side so you won’t slip a disc trying to plug in things you need – like your console for example.

The ET2410 all-in-one PC looks good. It is sleek, sexy and full of lovely features showing that ASUS are really focusing on what people want in their homes. Few people enjoy cable eye sores or thousands of bits and pieces scattered about and this presents an elegant solution. You could even co-ordinate it with a matching O!Play Plus if you fancy really impressing The Joneses…

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