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February 5th, 2010 in .Home Entertainment & HTPC .Products
Gogo Ubari
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► From left to right: ASUS DESIGNO MS Series monitor, EeeTop PC ET2203T, EeeBox PC EB1501

ASUS’ design focus on the user experience has led to products that fit seamlessly into any environment

When it comes to technology, good design shouldn’t distract from the purpose of a product — it should enhance it. This is particularly important when it comes to the kind of electronic devices that are finding increasing favour in many homes. After all, everybody enjoys the benefits that high definition TV and internet access offer, but few people want their living room to look like a hi-tech lab.

A stunning range of contemporary flat-screen display that are slim – and stylish – enough to slip into any room.

The user-centric approach

Thanks to its extensive design expertise, ASUS has been able to address this thorny issue to produce products that are beautiful to look at and can blend into any environment both seamlessly and stylishly. Its many years spent innovating in the computer component industry have allowed ASUS to develop compact PCs that take up little space, yet still offer similar features to much larger models. Power efficient processors reduce the need for bulky cooling systems, while integrated displays do away with the need for traditional two-box desktop set-ups and release precious living space.

ASUS’ constant search for ever-improved screen technology has enabled it to create flat-screen displays that not only have superlative image quality, but are thinner than ever before. Its latest models support both high-definition video and high-resolution computer inputs, allowing one screen to do the work of two, yet take up no more desk space than a coffee mug.

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