ASUS New Year 2012 Celebration – Massive Give-away WEEK 1

December 13th, 2011 in .News & Events .Products
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To show appreciation to fans on Facebook, as well as to celebrate the Holiday and New Year, ASUS is holding a massive give-away on its Facebook page. The sweepstake will run from December 12, 2011 to February 5, 2012.

FB New Year Celebration Event - Massive Giveaway

A Main Prize and a Super Prize will be given out each week for the eight week duration. Prizes range from wireless mice to monitors to hero products such as the Transformer Prime and Zenbook.

Super Prize will only be awarded if you are the referrer of the winner of the Main Prize. For example, after you join to win the Main Prize, you are encouraged to invite your friends to join. If you don’t win but one of your friends wins the Main Prize, you automatically get the Super Prize (a better / more expensive item!).

For the week of December 12 – 18, 2011, ASUS is giving away:

Main Prize: GX900 Laser Gaming Mouse

Super Prize: WX-Lamborghini Wireless Laser Mouse

A little bit about these items:

GX900 Laser Gaming Mouse: ASUS presents the ROG GX900, the gaming input with precision laser sensor technology and the coolest user-interface on a mouse! It’s tailored to gamers looking for high speed action and total reliability in FPS, RTS, online RPGs and other game genres. GX900 also features a custom-built gamer UI that adjusts and tunes up for the best performance according to user needs. It provides 2 DPI gears – just like on a sports car, simply use your finger to shift up and down from standard speed to the highest instantly. The up to 4000dpi laser sensor technology makes the GX900 into a real tank on the battlefield of gaming – fighting and moving in every environment with no loss of traction or speed. While a lethal weapon in the right hands, GX900 still cares for the environment with low power consumption for a green and better world.

WX-Lamborghini Wireless Laser Mouse: Based on the power and speed so coveted in Lamborghini vehicles, the WX-Lamborghini wireless laser mouse delivers a breathtaking experience in control. Its responsive action ranges in resolution to accommodate different users, and the generous 10m range ensures cordless fidelity even from afar. This is the ultimate style icon when it comes to mouse input, inspired directly by the powerful, angular shape so known from its motorized namesakes. Offered in black and white, the WX-Lamborghini wireless laser mouse is a declaration of agility.

Enter the ASUS New Year Celebration Event on Facebook!

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