Aio Aio Aio, what’s all this then?

January 24th, 2012 in .Desktop & All-in-one PCs
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You’ll never believe what just landed on my desk. Literally. Oooohh yes, the ASUS All-in-one AIO ET2410INTS PC. Quite a mouthful there but there’s enough of this extremely good looking machine to go around…

ASUS ET2410 all in one PC

The box was sadly abused in transit so I had to forgo my usual unboxing shots for they would have revealed a piece of cardboard pushed to the limits, hardly the right first impression for an all-in-one PC that looks as good as this one does. I am not usually moved to stroking technology but this, this is the exception to the rule.

The ASUS All-in-One ETS2410 (we’ll keep the name short for the purposes of not getting dizzy when reading) is all screen. 24 inches of glossy space to be exact. The LED screen is primed to full high definition as well as boasting the wonders of multi-touch. Yes, this is a touch screen PC with so much desktop real estate that I could happily stare at it for hours.

What makes this all-in-one PC such an exciting thing to review is that it is very much a space saving piece of kit. I had anticipated something of a crush on my desk with two enormous monitors (well, one monitor and one all-in-one, anyway) sitting casually side by side. However, the AIO is everso slim and, while big, it doesn’t take up a lot of space around it. The lack of excessive cabling and slim lines do it credit.

I’ve not yet plugged my ET2410INTS in. I’m almost afraid to. What if it works as well as it looks and then I have to give it back? I may end up fleeing the country with her…

asus et2410 all in one pc

ASUS’ all-in-one PC is designed to deliver intuitive multimedia enjoyment with features such as the multitouch screen, the full HD capability, the ability to use it to watch TV, the latest Nvidia graphics, USB 3.0, SonicMaster and DTS surround sound, and access to asus@vibe. Every last feature is aimed at ensuring that users get a full multimedia experience in one tidy unit.

So how will the ASUS All-in-One AIO ET2410 fare? I am about to plug her in, power her up and find out exactly how well she works. Check in tomorrow to find out…

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