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November 23rd, 2011 in .News & Events
Suds McSoapdish
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Caroline looking glamorous as always!

This week we chat with Caroline Changchien, who was kind enough to take a break from charming global celebrities and sampling the finest coffees to give us a chance to speak with her. Yes, this young lady has a lot of world-spanning experience and a pure passion for relatable technology, as we find out, which makes talking to her a lot of fun.

What’s the first thing you would like to tell people about yourself?

I’d like to say hi to everyone from Ting-Ju a.k.a. Caroline – that’s me! Three words I would use to describe myself would be passionate, fun, and of course Starbucks, as I’m a huge coffee drinker.
How would you describe your role with ASUS?

I am currently working as an HQ product marketer- we apply design thinking and promote and deliver the best products to end users all over the world.

We understand you recently had a very incredible experience related to your work – can you talk about that?

I was privileged to be the host for Jason Mraz’s visit to ASUS HQ – it was definitely one of the coolest things of the year for me! Jason’s philosophy of searching for the incredible side of life is positively something I can relate to personally, and it’s also what we at ASUS all believe in.

(Caroline’s being modest – Jason actually serenaded her in person in front of the entire ASUS crew, which was amazing – Ed)

Do you think that kind of cooperation between media and technology can help people?

Of course! It helps improve communication and creates more opportunities for knowledge and experience sharing among people everywhere.

So what’s your favorite piece of technology?

I’d have to say the internet as a whole. Everything is possible with it now.

And if you had to choose five items to take with you on a trip to Mars, what would they be?

A ZENBOOK, an iPhone, a couple of chocolate bars, and a cup of coffee from Starbucks! I mean Starbucks and ZENBOOK? The best combination ever – hmm, what a relaxing way to start the day!

On a more serious note, how do you feel your life experience has helped with your career so far?

With so many years living abroad, I have learned to appreciate cultural differences, the people, food, art, and music – I can now better communicate with different people, promoting ASUS products to consumers living around the world.

What would you like to personally accomplish in the next five years, aside from work?

I would like to open a coffee shop. Or wait a second, do you think I would be able to get picked to go to Mars?

Going back to tech, which one’s more important – power or feel?

Undoubtedly, users’ feeling is the most important thing. All ASUS innovations and products have been designed with users in mind! I personally guarantee that from my experience 100%!

Is there a dream technology you would like to become real in the next few decades?

Hmm, this is maybe slightly on the clichéd side, but I have to quote Steve Jobs for this one: “a lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”

Thanks a lot Caroline! If everyone at ASUS HQ is this lovely, sign us up for the full company tour! Plus, NASA have been notified, any upcoming Mars missions will be sure to stock up on coffee.

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