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November 1st, 2010 in .News & Events
Nick Holland
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“Every ASUS motherboard has a story worth sharing”, claims ASUS. That is true enough – the choice of hardware, the setup and BIOS settings used; whether it’s demanded to have 24/7 stability without issue or pushed to its very limits, everyone treats their PC hardware differently, but at the end of the day, your PC is your PC and you take pride in it.

ASUS has taken that idea and run with it in a new competition aimed at ‘PC aficionados’ to show off the pride they have for their PC. It’s less about having the skill (or money!) to go crazy and risk your loved components for things like overclocking or watercooling, and instead it encourages a more down to earth and creative approach.

ASUS takes the word itself and breaks it down into components that are applicable to its hardware, so now PRIDE becomes Performance, Reliability, Innovation, Design and Efficiency. These are where the different categories come from in the competition, and you can choose whether you’re particular story (backed up by photos and/or videos) involves pride in performance, reliability or something more innovative or creative.

ASUS Pride

You could win a next generation Intel motherboard, a Republic of Gamers 3D notebook, an ASUS ML series monitor, an ASUS high performance router or even an all expenses trip to ASUS headquarters in Taiwan to meet with one of the worlds top overclockers as well as the ASUS R&D team!

The competition is global and runs until the 16th December 2010, so there’s plenty of time to get your thinking cap on (mine is leather, and a bit pointy) before putting together your story.

Let us know your thoughts and own stories (after you’ve posted your entry!) in the comments below!

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