I’ve fallen in love

Mrs Mario

I think I might still be in the monitor dark ages. Really. I’m one of those people who’s somehow always ended up with a nice enough monitor thanks to a gift, a lucky break or pure chance. I’ve never really gone out and hunted down a super monitor for my gaming.

I know this makes me something of a gaming weirdo. I know! But the thing is, while I adore games I’m not the kind of person who gets fussy about frame rates and perfect visuals. I am just happy if my graphics card is up to scratch, the game has a good story, and I’m playing late into the night and having a brilliant time.

Which is why my latest love affair has taken me by surprise. The new Designo ML Series is rather beautiful and I am seriously considering entering into a long term relationship with one of these monitors. They’re beautiful. Who knew that a monitor could be beautiful? I certainly didn’t.

Let me just tell you about a few of the things that really made it stand out for me. First off it’s the fact that the eco-mode can reduce energy consumption by up to 55%. I am a Greenie. I am. I need to know that I am doing as much as I can to protect my planet as possible and this includes how I use my technology.

Seeing how my currently monitor has absolutely nothing to offer the world except a rather large power consumption and no eco-mode, the Designo shamed me. How can I honestly not consider getting it when it will make such a difference to my footprint?

The other features are slightly more shallow though. Sorry about that. There’s the LED touch sensor for intuitive adjustment of settings. I adore touch anything (although my smart phone’s touch screen is already committing suicide and, no, it’s not an iPhone) so I like the idea of being able to casually swoop my finger around to change my settings.

Then there’s the fact that it will improve the way my office looks almost 100 percent. Why? Because instead of lurking on my desk like a large blob of technology, this beauty will take up all of 16.5mm in profile and it has this crescent moon shaped base that’s just to die for.

I know that I have said technology shouldn’t be about men or women, and I stand by that, but if ever there was a monitor designed to appeal to the feminine aesthetic, then this is it. Look at that divine base! Look at how sexy it is! It’s like the monitor equivalent of an awesome pair of shoes.

Yes, I love shoes.

As for the whole gaming in vivid colour with amazing contrast, how does the 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio grab you? Yeah, me too. That’s just too delicious for words.

So, I’ve told my husband about my new love. He seems ok with the fact that he now has to share himself with this slice of heaven. Now all I need is a chocolate version and a good e-book so I can settle back and enjoy it on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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