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June 18th, 2011 in .News & Events
Mrs Mario
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The first Computer Reliability Report of 2011 has been released by PC repair firm RescueCom and it has placed ASUS in second place for the most reliable brand. This is such an impressive achievement when you consider how competitive and packed the market is today.

While the report does have some statistical issues and is not exactly running on the most perfect methodology around, it still offers you a good view into the reliability of specific brands. The ratings are assessed against the number of units versus the number of repair calls.

Rescuecom reliability survey results 2011

Rescuecom reliability survey results 2011, from Rescuecom's press release

The company has been undertaking this report for the past two years and ASUS has always managed to sit in the top spaces every single year. This is great news for ASUS fans as it clearly shows that their dedicated customer service and their dedication to production and design values is paying off.

And ASUS really do try to keep it all fast and perfect. With the recent Sandy Bridge debacle, ASUS were among the first to provide their customers with information and support.

Thanks to Hot Hardware, I also discovered that ASUS sat in the top percentage in the PC World Annual Reliability and Service Report in 2010. That was a huge survey undertaken with nearly 80,000 participants which makes that acknowledgement even more impressive.

So, if you’re wondering what kind of support you’re going to get from your ASUS, now you know.

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  • Vishal

    Yes,second position is great but why not at first place?

    ASUS is at first place for me in reliability as well as performance.