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The designers at ASUS have offered us a closer look at the process and thinking that went into making the all-new N Series laptops, which are planned for release later this year. Once again, this project has benefited from the creative input of renowned international designer David Lewis, who has been the primary Bang & Olufsen designer for the last few decades. Previous collaboration between ASUS and Lewis has resulted in the stunning NX90 multimedia super-laptop.

Glossy exterior panel

For the new N Series, the brief for Lewis and the in-house ASUS designers was simplicity meeting power and sophistication. As Lewis himself put it, the N Series “must stand out in an intelligent way”. In pure design terms, this translated to a laptop with a simple yet modern appearance that gives an instant impression of elegance and purity. This extends from the overall form factor right down to the smallest details, such as the comfortable soft touch palm rests.

Redesigned seamless keyboard and soft palm rests

The N Series, however, has always been about performance, and this new generation is no exception. Packing the latest Intel Core processors and plenty of fast memory, the N Series also uses redesigned ASUS SonicMaster audio technology (co-developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower, as on the NX90). ASUS Video Magic image enhancement results in the best picture quality in the industry, perfectly complemented by the premium LCD screen. This is no mainstream screen, but the kind that would give a full-price TV a very good run for its money.

Principles of attraction

One of the main priorities for development of the new N Series was keeping the look stylish and subtle, rather than either over the top or overly traditional and mundane. Working with David Lewis, ASUS designers were also aware of the need to accommodate myriad new technologies that help maintain the N Series’ status as one of ASUS’ best-performing laptop ranges. Achieving this balance required care, since while the idea was to keep the N Series slim, going too far in this direction would risk compromising performance.

Note the polished frame around the screen

Nonetheless, after several months of careful experimentation, N Series design was complete. With its flat, slender profile and smooth seamless finish, the new N Series puts the emphasis on quality materials, with a polished metal frame that’s both easy and comforting to hold, thanks to its great strength and lustrous finish. The materials used are all very sturdy, but also advanced, so they strike a perfect balance between strength and portability. The new N Series is lighter than previous generations, yet contains far more advanced technology and many added features.

Smart immersion

David Lewis’ vision for the new N Series was an intelligent design that fits in with its surroundings, and the result is a laptop that users will feel comfortable with in both home and office environments.

Remarkably thin for all that power

The minimal external detailing dramatically reduces the cosmetic clutter found on other laptops, and instead focuses more on sweeping and elegant artistic fundamentals, such as curved edges. Even so, tiny, exquisite details abound, such as the seamless keyboard and unobtrusive power button, much to the delight of users.

As David Lewis explains, “We wanted to create maximum functionality through minimal physicality”, and we think that the N Series certainly realises that idea — and then some.

ASUS chairman Jonney Shih and designer David Lewis presenting the NX90

Stay tuned, as we’ll be featuring a lot more of the N Series in the next couple of months. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

If you are media and would like to contact the ASUS N Series team to conduct your own interview, please contact us on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

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